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Every week Smart Post Sound’s Smartcast series provides listeners with a unique view into the audio post production and entertainment industry.  Featuring interviews and discussions with some of the most prominent and well respected artists in the fields of re-recording, sound editorial, mixing, sound design, foley and ADR (automated dialogue replacement).
On this week’s episode we interview supervising sound editor, executive vice president and managing partner at Smart Post Sound – Michael Graham.  Michael is interviewed by re-recording mixer and partner – Larry Benjamin.  The interview discusses Michael’s illustrious past and his approach to supervising some of today’s most well respected and creative titles.
Michael has supervised countless award-winning projects through multiple studios including Dreamworks, TNT, HBO, Lionsgate, Fox, AMC, NBC, CBS and ABC to name a few. As a supervising sound editor, Michael has seen several changes that have happened over the course of his career. He shares his approach to blending the right sounds together and how when placed at the right moments can greatly effect feelings and evoke emotions that no other medium can.
Make sure to join us every week for discussions and interviews with some of the top names in post production sound.

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