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Every week Smart Post Sound’s Smartcast series provides listeners with a unique view into the audio post production and entertainment industry.  Featuring interviews and discussions with some of the most prominent and well respected artists in the fields of re-recording, sound editorial, mixing, sound design, foley and ADR (automated dialogue replacement).
On this week’s episode we interview writer, producer, Tibetan meditation artist and re-recording mixer – Michael Perricone.  Michael is interviewed by re-recording mixer and partner at Smart Post Sound – Larry Benjamin.  The interview discusses Michael’s approach to sound art and how he approaches mixing from a musical standpoint.
Michael is not only a well-established and prominent writer, but also a producer and educator of filmmaking.  Michael shares his love of Tibetan singing bowl meditation and how this impacts his mixing. Having mixed countless features and the well-established and long-running Cops series for Fox, Michael is an artist that is prolific in his craft.
Make sure to join us every week for discussions and interviews with some of the top names in post production sound.
Check out this week’s episode!

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