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Sharyn Gersh is one of the most well respected and versed music editors in the business. Presiding over the largest music editorial company in entertainment – MICDI Productions, Sharyn’s illustrious career spans through multiple projects and titles.

In this  Smartcast we chronicle Sharyn’s early days of playing violin in an orchestra in Chicago to attending USC and landing her first gig on the hit television series “ER” that has since kept her working non-stop for the past 21 years.

Sharyn has just finished music editing on “The Good Wife” after 7 great seasons and is about to begin Season 2 of “Mercy Street” on PBS. She will then be the remote music editor for “Braindead” on CBS with Sharyn staying local to Los Angeles and the mix taking place in New York. Sharyn’s credits include “Teen Beach 2”, “Boston Legal”, “My Name is Earl” and “Ally McBeal” among many others.

This discussion also touches on music spotting sessions with producers and composers, how scoring sessions take place, the duties and responsibilities of a music editor, temping music, and working together with the re-recording mixers during the final mix process.

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