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This week’s episode features Sound Effects Editor Dave Barnaby. Dave describes what it’s like being an artist in sound. Through sound libraries, raw recording, and unique sound palettes. Dave discusses what it’s like editing for episodic television, feature film, documentary, gaming, and more.

Dave’s signature sound is built off experience. In knowing what to choose, how to build, layer and organize each element, helps Dave produce sounds that have become key elements in such titles as Captain America, Cinderella Man, Angels & Demons, Guilt, Living in the Age of Airplanes, NCIS: New Orleans, Blue Mountain State, and many more.

Finding the right sound effect and knowing when to “choose” the right element is key to Dave’s workflow. This week listen as we explore how to reverse-engineer sound through editorial and design.

Dave has worked at 740 Sound Design in Marina Del Rey – Danetracks commercial devision, Todd-AO and now Smart Post Sound.

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