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Bob Bronow has won and been nominated for a staggering amount of Primetime Emmy, C.A.S. and M.P.S.E. awards.  His wins include 2 Primetime Emmy, 4 C.A.S. and 2 M.P.S.E awards.

Bob’s credits include – The Family, The Undeniable Joe Buck, Deadliest Catch, Alaska Off Road Warriors, Storage Wars, Ax Men, American Hoggers, 1000 Ways to Die, Around the World in 80 Ways, The Colony, America’s Toughest Jobs, The Wrecking Crew, American Masters, Monster Garage, Monster House, Punkin Chunkin, The Great Biker Buildoff and many more.

Bob is an innovator and known by many to be a tech-savvy artist in the world of sound.  His workflows in dealing with problematic sound elements on a daily basis is something of wonder.  A true craftsman of sound that is as artistic in his approach as he is technical. Bob describes his approach at dealing with mixing, editing, and at times combating some of sound’s most difficult elements.

Listen this week as we talk about how Bob uses tools like iZotope’s RX, Waves, Avid ProTools and much more to assist him in storytelling.

Check out this week’s episode!

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