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Supervising Sound Editor Greg Schorer’s credits include NCIS: NOLA, NCIS, JAG, 8MM2, Traffic, Rough Riders, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Adrenalin, Fear The Rush, Cyber Bandits, Blood of the Innocent, Embrace of the Vampire, The Zone, Call Blooded, Shadow Warriors, Pointman, Texas, Judicial Consent, Rise and Walk, The Dennis Boyd Story, Quantum Leap, Gypsy, Stalin and White Winter Heat.

Greg discusses what it’s like supervising some of the most long-running episodic titles in the industry.  He describes his creative process and the development of the soundscapes he creates.

Join us this week as Greg describes working with clients, dealing with editorial, budgets, storytelling, and dictating the direction of sound as it pertains to the picture.

Download this week’s episode here!

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